Deliciously Healthy Birthday Cake for Dogs

I greased a glass baking dish ( 9X13 can use smaller dimensions) with corn oil, then sprinkled flour over the oil.

The oven must be preheated to 350 degrees F.



    1 - 1.3 Lbs. of ground beef.

    4 eggs.

    1 c. flour

    1/2 c. each of oatmeal/ corn oil/ grated carrots

    Cream cheese


In a dry bowl add the flour and oatmeal.


I lightly rinsed the ground beef and placed it into a large bowl. After adding the corn oil and eggs to the meat, I blended the ingredients with my hands. The clumps of ground meat were broken by finger and the ingredients were blended well. The freshly grated carrots were added to the meat.


The dry ingredients were added to the meat and blended well. The now cake batter was spread into the greased/floured pan and placed into the oven for 65 minutes (ovens vary so bake accordingly).


The meat cake was allowed to cool and then I 'iced' it with some cream cheese.


Serve a small wedge to your the rest as a daily treat. Your dog will love this....I had tasted it myself. It has a sweet flavor to it.


Happy Birthday to your fur-child!

p.s. if the cake seems too greasy (some beef has too much fat) then blot it with paper towel before serving.





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