Stressing ? Can't Sleep ? Try this......

Muscles hold onto your stress.... and sometimes this will not allow you to sleep...... This exercise will free that negative energy.


First, either lie down in a bed or in a soft comfortable couch or recliner...Take two long slow deep breaths....then:


Hold your arms up as if bound by puppet strings, dangling about ninety degrees from your body.

(explanation: you will squeeze your muscles each body part at a time....... as in squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.......hold the squeeze momentarily... then release. If you do not feel that it worked effectively do it again once or twice)...... Let's start.


Squeeze your hands, both, into fists....... squeeze hard, harder, harder, to your comfort.... hold release..... If this feels better than continue to the next part.......

(In the beginning it will take some time to become effective, so you may have to repeat the squeezing until you feel your muscles relaxed, maybe one or two extra times------ also, if it was a particularly stressful day, you may need to repeat)


Now, repeat the squeezing to your forearms until satisfactory, and then your biceps (upper arms) in the same way.... when these muscles have felt relief, then continue:


Slowly, allow your arms to come down to your sides as if the strings are lowering them.  Once they have reached the bed..........The arms are now ROCK and they can not move. From now on, after every part of your body becomes rock solid after the squeezing procedure...... You can no longer move that part.....


Now, the order of muscle squeezes goes like this: (AND TAKE YOUR TIME)

Face: squish and sueeze by making faces like huge smiles and squinting and dropping jaw hugely. Stop...Face is a Rock


Neck,..: Can squeeze head backwards and Shoulders: pull and squeeze shoulders up as close to ears as possible and then to the back...Stop. Rock

Chest. Stomach: Squeeze inward to a comfortable amount that works. Stop. Rock

Back; my personal favorite for this is to slink like a snake vertically, so that you are pushing your vertebrae into and away from the cushions until there is relief. Stop. Rock.

BUTT yes, the biggest muscle in your body, maximus gluteus, holds a lot of stress..... squeeze and squeeze and squeeze really hard for a good effect and you will feel tension dissipate. Stop. Rock

then repeat for the thighs, Stop, Rock

Calves: I generally point my toes as close to up or headward as possible as I push the heals down or away from the head. Stop. Rock.

Feet: Squeeze these into fists, too. Stop. Rock.


Now, you are a rock.

You can no longer move......... Breathe deeply and slowly.........

You are floating yourself up into the clouds......... breathing slowly and deeply then breathe normally.......Stay there a while.


When you want to roll over or get up..... do not just jerk yourself out of this relaxation..... lightly roll back and forth..... then either turn to your side to go to sleep or get up and move on........


(I have been talking with people who can never relax, lately.... one woman in particular found the only way for her to relax was to smoke and she was trying to quit. There is so much stress in everyones' lives that I thought I'd share this online as I had shared with her personally. I hope this helps....... I always found it extremely useful)




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