#MarchForOurLives 3/24/18.

Ocean City. NJ Boardwalk




Lloyd Kaufman of TROMA ENTERTAIMENT wants us to join his fight in saving the FIRST AMENDMENT. The above url is his article in the Huffington Post/



More Support of #MarchforScience

Antarctic..... nothing that I did....I just really like this photo
Antarctic..... nothing that I did....I just really like this photo

Reaching Out to my Ward and District!

I knew it seemed like theater:

His analysis of the shell suggests that it could not have been dropped from an airplane as the damage of the casing is inconsistent from an aerial explosion. Instead, Postol said it was more likely that an explosive charge was laid upon the shell containing sarin, before being detonated. Theodore Postol believes the white house findings are wrong... and investigations seem political.

Khan Sheikhoun crater


I am a committee member... now, volunteering for Phil Murphy for Governor

Now Double layered Mapping 4/12/17

Newest Meeting with Congressman LoBiondo 4/10/17

During the meeting I stated: Paul Manafort-paid Russian Operative, Roger Stone-Communicant to Assange for 'October Surprise', Carter Page-Russian Spy, Michael Flynn-Turkish foreign Op and now foreign agent,... Didn't any of these and his other nomination seem suspicious? 

Congressman LoBiondo stated: yes. I agree with the list.

As he was responding I placed my trump-russian mapping in front of him. He and his aide seemed surprised.

I stated: Ivanka and Donald, Jr. had traveled to Russia with criminal Felix Sater for business...2006....and then the two became Sater's contacts for the Russian money flow.


I asked: Is the Congressional investigation continuing?

LoBiondo: Of what?

Me: Of trump-russian ties.

LoBiondo: Yes

Me: Will you fight for our country over partisan politics?

LoBiondo: Yes.

Me: Will you avoid Trey Gawdy's obsession and distraction of "Leaks" to prevent progress?

LoBiondo: He is not in charge. Conway is. Shiff and Conway are on track. Democrats come close to violating security rules


LoB opposes vouchers....610


When asked, Con. LoBiondo stated that he will run for election again.... He voted for mccain feingold reform..... to limit political contributions....transparency. In the state there is a proposition for a citizen board



(citizen boards: http://mrsc.org/getmedia/72061479-9ba8-48b4-ab1f-cfa62cf7d4f1/Local-Government-Citizen-Advistory-Boards.pdf.aspx?ext=.pdf)



Someone asked: How do you see healthcare in 10 years?

LoB: I'm trying to figure it out day by day. What is on the table is not acceptable. The tweaks are toward the freedom caucus- which makes it worse.

Same someone: Can it be fixed and not repealed?

LoB: I listen to the District.


Dan asked about the 1st Amendment and LGBTQ issues.

LoB: I support the community. Two weeks ago, Phila Inquirer, The Gable, mentioned that I recognize the issues.


Man asked: Conflict of interest. Why won't Trump live at one white house instead of three white houses?

LoB: It's the perogative of the president, but I wish he would narrow it down. Obama had trips. He took 300 people to Africa. Republicans were never in control and never took it up. I know it was not to this degree..........

When asked about trump's spending and businesses.... LoB: There is an independent ethics office, running on what is appropriate. The current congress won't take that up. To me congress needs to work on not defaulting as in that the Coast Guard does not lose money.


Someone stated that: congress has enabled agencies...Bannon viscerates them.

LoB: Twelve separate appropriation bills in.....congress votes on every one of those proposed against the EPA... the environment won't work/ the EPA cannot operate with appropriations against the EPA... NIH is the answer.


Someone asked: How did you feel about the blow up of the filibuster?

LoB: I didn't like it. Garland should have had a minimum of a hearing.

Me: Trump ordered the blow up of the filibuster on 1/26/17.

Man: ordered?

Me: Yes.

LoB: Look. I don't want to get into the Senate-- figuring out the house is hard enough.


Woman asked: Is shiff going to stand down?

Me: No.

LoB: No. Congress cannot indite for criminality. That goes to the next level.



Lob: Freedom caucus wants to shut down government for no good things. They believe nothing is wrong with defaulting..... the country is in debt and congress is trying to keep government running and not default.



Man said: Trump doesn't need congressional approval to bomb? (inferring the 59-missile strike on Syria)

LoB: Obama with Muammar Gaddafi.... war letter went to congress. Trump HAS to get to congress. I and my colleagues want to know the over all plan. In the War of Powers the 60 day clock is now running.

Me: Putin, Assad, and reporters were notified in the day of that night bombing. I watched that show last night, the Circus... they already knew.

LoB: An hour before the bombing...And congress was notified. There is a 60 day time line to go to war.

Me: At what point, if he (Trump) runs over, will congress step in?

LoB: It has never been challenged in court.. if 60 day timeline is reached.....maybe can violate.. maybe have a reason.

Me: He will probably violate that, too.

LoB: He was trying to send a message.

Me: I believe it was just for his (bruised) ego. the runway was not harmed and it was theatrical.

Two of us said simultaneously: Planes flew out of there hours later.


Barbara brought up the the increased flood levels on Avalon.. and that they needed renewable energy on the island... she said, we have wind and sun, not coal.

LoB: On the federal level, I vote for renewables. County officials are the ones to speak to..... especially when threatened with votes.



Someone said: Trump set a task force to North Korea..trump is stepping into war..War Power Act... You can do a lot to reign him in....trump is stepping into war.

LoB: National Security Advisor is getting high marks about being sensible... John Kasich was my favorite to run.


Someone said: When can we impeach trump?

LoB: 290 votes to impeach a president... what would succeed in doing is a civil war... no matter how bad, impeaching would be bad... what's on the table now doesn't warrant impeachment.

Steve: You said congress is powerless against the president right now.

LoB: Powers of the presidency...Wars Power Act... Congress should, say if there are more strikes, change some rules of the Wars Power Act.



When asked about the electoral college, LoB said he wouldn't get rid of the electoral vote.

Me: What about gerrymandering?

LoB: That is state by state... Texas and Florida are under investigations. In NJ, the governor in power will set up lines every 10 tears.. 5 dems and 5 reps....always deadlocked ... the tie breaker is always the same....former state attorney general.


Town Hall Issue:

LoB: Everyone has gotten a meeting who wants one.. it has always been conducted this way since I have been in government...The Congressional Quarterly says that LoBiondo is the least likely to vote with the Republican Party and listens to his constituents.... (meetings) informative dialogue..more time for constituents to talk... I have seen 80 constituents in the last couple of months.


Freedom Caucus:

LoB: I belong to the Tuesday Grp. which is against the Freedom Caucus. FC turns right wing media against the Tues. Grp. and LoBiondo. They call him a Rhino .... Republican in name only.....


LoB: aggressive, caustic people are making me look bad...fake twitter account.... attacking my wife........ the mayor of Chicago started this behavior ... Ron Immanuel and "the Thumpin'" book.....if you can't get to the candidate, get to the family. 2006 success and 2010 tea party success/............................ Part of the Tuesday Grp. and Nancy Pelosi dictates what the democrats can do. We can't get anything done....

15 dems. and 15 reps. to find common ground.....   We are always looking for people..it's in the DNA... people leave/new congress. In a good day there are 40 people.


Me, when it was closing time: One more... Trump made a big deal about the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi...6 days later, Egyptians blew up Christian Churches... vested suicide bombers... they are killing Christians because of his 'Muslim problem' ( I forgot to mention how much this Egy/Pres. is hated).

LoB: That is a big issue.





And Buddy the Political Puppy does not approve of these behaviors......... JUST TAP ON PHOTOS.

4/4/17 mapping update


My OP to Ed, in the Gazette, 3/14/17:


The James Bond movie, “Skyfall”, was an interesting spy and hacking movie. I can imagine that Vladimir Putin, upon watching this film, may have turned to his comrades saying, ‘We can do this.’


Vladimir Putin, former KGB agent, killer, the “Man Without a Face”, imperialist, never overcame his loss of the once great Soviet Union. Yes, there were many reasons for the fall of the USSR, Gorbachev and economic reasons as in overspending for arms and military…. But didn’t NATO’s strong alliances wear some of it down? And who signed that treaty for the USA? The State Department.


An enemy to democracy and the countries who flaunt the ability and desire to keep democracy safe wishes ill plans upon these countries. After all, has the USA not continued its strength along with her allies?


Hillary R. Clinton, Secretary of State, was running for Presidency. Putin hates Hillary for making a mockery of his sham of an election for his presidency.


Putin created his own “Skyfall” with WikiLeaks to bring Clinton down… and to put into the presidency… ‘umm, We own Donald Trump.. Dah.’


Russia has financially supported Donald Trump since his bankruptcy era, since the 1990’s. A man named Felix Sater has been channeling Russian finances to Trump in that time period and he is still existing in the Trump circles.


Other Russian-Trump ties include: Michael Flynn, the Trump appointed National Security Advisor, paid to promote Turkish interests during Trump’s campaign, and who must now register as a foreign agent./ the invisible Putin-attached Rex Tillerson./ Jeff Sessions who is recused from Russian investigations./ and Alex Shnaider, Carter Page, Tevfik Arif, Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, Roger Stone, Donald Trump Jr, Sergei Ryabkov, Sergey Kislyak, Wilbur Ross, Andrii V. Artemenko, Devin Nunes, JD Gordon, Konstantin Kilimnik, and light handed passer Michael Cohen.


Now, after getting Trump elected, Vladimir Putin wishes to be paid by his adoring, gloating comrade, Trump. First gift was the destruction of the US Department of State, leaving only invisible Rex Tillerson standing.


The second gift, well after all doesn’t a former Soviet spy hate the American spies? And so Putin’s WikiLeaks uncovers the underbelly of our CIA. Trump says nothing.


What else does Putin want? What else will Trump give away?


Let us also look at what Putin’s WikiLeaks doesn’t leak… as in Trump’s possible blackmail videos in Russia. The Republican Party was not hacked… and neither was the FBI. Well, Comey is no James Bond and he did help ensure Trump the victory in the election.


This is a National Security emergency…Our democracy, our country, our Constitution are at stake.


The longer this particular Republican Party is in office, the weaker we are to Russia. Wake up, America… before Vladimir Putin and this GOP changes our Constitution.


Pat Kazanjian


Filmmaker/ Ocean City





REP. LOBIONDO'S OFFICE ONE OF MANY PROTESTS (1/24/17 through Present Time) Including Interior Statements to the Congressman and his Aides.

No Photography nor Press was Permitted in Our Meetings/Statements with Rep. LoBiondo Directly.

My Op-Ed that I do not remember writing (stress much?) to Gazette

Letter: Impeach Trump now

Since the presidential campaign, I have been keeping a wary eye on a possible connection between Donald Trump and the Russian. It heightened when he called out to the Russians from the podium to do his bidding. No American, after all the years of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, would call out for their help especially during a presidential election.

So I have been actively protesting and arguing on social media. Even though I have spoken on all of the distractions Donald Trump and his administration utilizes as they are hurting people and our country, I stay focused on Russia, in particular the former KGB officer Vladimir Putin and Stephen Bannon.

We, Indivisible and moveon.org have been demonstrating at the office of Rep. LoBiondo, who to this day has not permitted a town hall meeting. I have stated my thoughts to his representative, Linda Hinckley, inside the office with the others. I wish to include my Feb. 14 statement in LoBiondo’s office here:

Trump’s involvement with Russia during his election and within his presidency, the newly resigned National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s calls to Russia about sanctions, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and other nominations with ties to Russia are obvious factors that the Kremlin is too involved in our government, the United States of America. Trump’s involvement with Russia and his business conflicts of interest warrant his impeachment. Last night, I was on an hour long Tele-Townhall with over 800,000 other individuals, hosted by www.impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org. We want Rep. LoBiondo to support the impeachment of Donald Trump. A small group of us will speak with LoBiondo this Friday.

Pat Chambers-Kazanjian

Ocean City

back investigation of Trump's alleged Russia ties


SJ CALL TO ACTION & STATEMENTS AT REP. LOBIONDO'S OFFICE... when speaking to Congressman LoBiondo, no cameras permitted.