Barbie dolls. Two OGs and the rest are in never opened boxes. Barbie Ornaments, too. for questions and prices. 


Pack of: 1960 Barbie #3 plus 1962 Bubble Cut Barbie = $1,300.00


For all other boxed Barbies, offers may be considered.

Barbie #3 1960 for sale

She has more lifelike eyes and brows than 1 and 2. Blue eyes (fewer made with blue eyes), brown eye shadow, and faded vinyl skin tone that collectors love. Issued:1960. 1:6 scale, appr. 11.5" tall. Poodle curls. Ponytail with hard curl at the end. Soft floss hair. Flocked head. Brunette or Blonde (may look strawberry blonde). Fewer dolls with blue eye shadow...this doll has blue eyeshadow and blue eyes. Red lips. Heavy, solid rubbery body (smelled like crayons). Red nails.

Bubble Cut Barbie 1962 for sale

Barbies in original boxes. NEVER OPENED.


There is also a Barbie boat...... but that would be crazy to ship.